Joanne Bracken Divine Channel & Spiritual Healer

Joanne Bracken Divine Channel & Spiritual Healer

Joanne Bracken Divine Channel & Spiritual Healer Joanne Bracken Divine Channel & Spiritual Healer Joanne Bracken Divine Channel & Spiritual Healer

I am a channel under the direction of Ascended Masters and those of the Angelic Realms to offer personal and group sessions for healing and spiritual guidance, both in person and over the Internet. Sessions usually are a combination of spiritual guidance, coaching, healing transmissions, and sacred sound, or toning--whatever will be most useful to the client. I am a transmitter for Spirit, and I allow the sessions to be guided by divinity for the client's highest good. Clients report that they feel held and loved by the Divine, and the work is deeply healing and transforming for them.

People usually come with personal issues for which they seek spiritual input and a higher perspective, helping them to see their lives from a more expanded space. Help is given in the areas of relationships, life purpose and life path, past-life resolution and healing, the spiritual reasons for medical issues, and more. There is no issue too small for Spirit.

Who Are My Clients?

Who Are My Clients?

Who Are My Clients?

My clients are people who generally have been working on themselves for a while, whether that be in psychotherapy or some other type of counseling. They are in a state of psychological wellness and are looking to open more to their spiritual nature and achieve greater levels of inner peace and connection through the energy work and soul healing and awakening that I offer. 


Most of my clients seek me out because they feel that they have some deeply buried issue that is keeping them stuck, and they want my help in getting to the root of the problem. For example, Mary was having difficulty speaking up for herself, so she had a blocked throat energy center or chakra. In session, we uncovered a lifetime where she had been hanged for speaking her truth and proselytizing to the community who did not understand or accept her. Not only did we identify the root cause, but we were able to heal it with sacred sound and energy work to release her soul from its attachment to that lifetime and clear the trauma from cellular memory, allowing her in the present to speak with clarity and purpose without fear.

Another example of healing past-life trauma is someone who was terrified of the ocean. We found a life in which she had drowned there. Because of the trauma of drowning, she was unable to move beyond it and needed to resolve that lifetime energetically. Once we completed the session, she was free of that fear and was able to go to the beach and enjoy it fully. 

To heal these old issues and blockages, we need the space, permission, and guidance to bring them to the surface, then work energetically to heal those issues at root cause. I have developed my "craft" of soul healing since the mid-1980s, continually expanding my abilities by adding vibrational healing through sacred sound via my voice which Spirit uses to transmit specific healing frequencies of light. 

I also work with people who want to connect with the Guidance Realms to assist them with personal issues in a channeled Q&A session. When working with the Guides and Angels, a beautiful, sacred space of Love and Compassion is created which naturally lifts the client into a higher space. This is the result of the great influx of Light that the Higher Realms bring with them. Their greatest joy is helping humanity heal and be uplifted, especially during these challenging times here as we move through the greatest planetary shift ever.



Who Are My Clients?

Who Are My Clients?

My services are $125 per hour. 

A complimentary, initial 15-minute  consultation is available to find out if this work is for you. 

Sessions are available by appointment only via phone, Zoom, or Skype. 

For more information and to arrange appointments, please enter your contact information at the bottom of this page.

A Few Testimonials

Who Are My Clients?

A Few Testimonials

Joanne Bracken is a genuine and truly effective healer. In my opinion, her energy work, authenticity, beliefs and techniques are exactly what the world needs and precisely what many people are searching for! My session with Joanne was groundbreaking, allowing me to clear past patterns and let go of so much underlying fear in my life.  I think what people can really appreciate is the immediate, positive energy you experience when you enter her presence as well as the practicality of her work. People do not simply want an entertaining, spiritual experience, they want practical results. My session with Joanne was so profound that I started sharing the results with people as soon as I left her space. Not only does she have a gift, she IS a gift, and I am so happy that my friends and family are scheduling appointments to work out their old blocks as well and step into a healthier, happier, and more productive life. Thank you, Joanne!  

Tina Merryman, Frederick, MD

Joanne has been my trusted counselor, coach, and healer for over 20 years. She is a gifted intuitive, channeling wisdom that always hits the mark. She can hone in on an issue, whether physical, psychological, or spiritual, and provides healing with energy and sound. I always feel relieved, inspired, and uplifted after our sessions. 

Judith Goldberg, Soul Journey Astrology, Baltimore, MD 

I have worked with Joanne Bracken for over 30 years, first as a channel and past-life therapist, then as a spiritual teacher and workshop facilitator. Joanne's talents as a sound healer are amazing. I have experienced profound energy shifts while attending her toning workshops, and her latest gift of bringing the Divine Feminine to life through sacred sound expands and intensifies her unique toning abilities, which I can only describe as hauntingly beautiful and other-worldly. I have recommended Joanne to friends and family for years, and do so now with even more enthusiasm and faith in her talents! 

Josie Athman, Westminster, MD 

My sessions with Joanne illuminated deep-seated patterns within me in ways that no other work has. She knew things about me that she couldn't have known, unless she had access to another realm. And, in spite of the depth and even pain of these patterns, I always have felt entirely safe and supported by her. 

Sara Avery, Quanta Change Guide, Lafayette, CO 

I have experienced Joanne's astounding work in different settings: personal sessions, group facilitations, and presentations. In each, I found her to be impeccable, I would almost say brilliant, except Joanne is not working alone. Her talent has help! She is able to channel clear thoughts along with pure tones from a heavenly host, whose intentions for our healing, on our path to wholeness, is felt through the highest vibration of sound and love. 

Marianne Green, Sound Healer, Author, LaConner, WA  


“Spiritual healing occurs as we begin to consciously reconnect with our essential being—the wise, loving, powerful, creative entity that we are at our core.” 

Shakti Gawain  



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