Private Sessions

Spiritual Channeling & Coaching. I work with my Spirit Team and yours for your highest good. Sessions are question-and-answer format so that you can directly communicate with the Guides for help with personal issues. Please note that this is not "fortune-telling" as the Guides view that as disempowering to you. They seek to help you become empowered so that you can make your best decisions from a place of higher awareness and connection with your own divinity.  Fee: $125

Soul Awakening Sessions. I bring through high-level frequencies of sacred sound with my voice to get into your cellular programs and assist you in removing old patterns that you are ready to let go of which are stored in the DNA. 

During the session, I combine channeled messages and guidance with sacred sound to assist clients with rapid transformation at the cellular level. It's a bit like rewriting computer software. With intention and frequency, we can literally change our programming. We have lifetimes of old programs from not only our own soul's history but also from our ancestors. The sound frequencies are sent from Beings of Light through my vocal cords.These frequencies cut through levels of cellular "gunk" and negative soul programming, transmute the shadow stuff, thereby allowing more Light to move in. The soul can then begin to return to its Original Divine Blueprint. This is the work we call "Ascension" -- the process of bringing more Light into our cells. Fee: $125

Group Sessions & Classes

Archetypal Healing & Soul Awakening Course.  Our body's DNA is our "Living Library," carrying memories of our past experiences as well as those of our ancestors. Because of trauma, conditioning, and vows imprinted in our cellular memory, we are not free. We carry patterns that form and direct our life decisions, actions, and beliefs. But we do not have to be victims of these patterns--we can change them! In this 7-week online class, you will learn about several major archetypes and patterns associated with them. Then, through sacred sounds sent through my voice from the Divine and other processes, you will release these old, self-limiting patterns and move into more inner freedom and peace. Cost: $297

Spiritual Growth. This is a 7-week, practical spirituality class, designed to help each participant develop as a more conscious human and learn to heal what gets in the way of living a life of more joy and peace, even through all the trials. Cost: $222

Sacred Sound and Channeling groups via Zoom webinars. In these powerful online sessions, each person is invited to bring an intention, then Master Guides direct sacred frequencies through me to support those intentions. Each person also receives a special channeled message from these Guides for their Highest Good in that moment.  You can join a scheduled group or set up your own with your friends and family for a very personal experience to share with those close to you. Cost: $33

Sacred Sound Circle (in-person). A 3- to 4-hour session working with intention and sacred sound that works deeply for both the group and each individual to shift consciousness and amplify your ability to create more of what you want in alignment with your soul's needs. Cost: $155


Disclaimer and Release


The information provided in our sessions is intended for your general information only and is an expression of opinion–not to be construed as legal, medical, or psychological advice. Any guidance that is given during a reading or healing session is given to you for your thoughtful consideration only. You accept full personal and legal responsibility for your own life choices. You are encouraged to make your own decisions regardless of any information or interpretation that I and our spiritual guides may convey.  No guarantees are given, and I will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by you based on information provided during readings.